Why Us

Why Cornerstone Builders

Cornerstone Builders specializes in the custom design of renovations, extensions, build under as well as fine new homes, larger builds are now a signature of Cornerstone Builders.
As a client of Cornerstone Builders, you will be carefully led through the design process, beginning with your wish list of features, the specific activities to take place in the building, the details of the particular site, and, of course, the budget. From there, Scott will develop a design with his in house team with your suggestions and critique to fit your budget and your site. Our expertise in both designing and building enables us to develop the most cost effective ways to maximize the features you consider important, without becoming too expensive. Scott has a very keen eye and his attention to detail is well known and produce flawless results. Scott personally oversees all projects. Scott will work with you until you are happy, and ultimately create "your" dream

In a typical situation, clients approach us with a basic idea, with varying amounts of detail. Sometimes this is simply a sketch or ideas from magazines or sometimes just pictures in their minds. We then develop their ideas until a satisfactory final design is achieved, while assuring that the project will fit within their budget. On occasion, we have people come to us who already have a completed set of working drawings, and we are very happy to build from those plans. If you prefer to use the services of our team to complete a design we are happy to do this as well.

From the first meeting until the time your project is complete, we will make every effort to tailor our service to your particular needs and the specifics of your project. Our goal has always been 100% client satisfaction and a professional approach. The growth of our business and the excellence of our relationships with past clients are evidence of our success in achieving that goal. Choosing your builder is an important decision. We want you to be confident that Cornerstone Builders is the right choice for you.